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Hi folks,

Chic & Cuts

I am Sapna,  now the ‘Tentative Sapna’, to be rightly called, as I am tentative about what to write, this being my very first post on my blog!? I will talk about beauty, fashion, trends, creativity, and a lot more relevant & sometimes even irrelevant

Crisp & On the go work look
Crisp & On the go work look
Stay calm, and wear yellow shorts.
Vintage Vogue
Tresses off the shoulder

stuff, with no intentions of bemusing you but to just connect & relate with you.

Let me kickstart with one of my most favourite style mantra, ‘Simplicity’. I totally endorse Simplicity & Minimalism as the essence to Style & being stylish. From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe to Diana Ross to my favourite Bollywood style icon, Madhubala, each of these iconic ladies, epitomised class, elegance & e’lan, yet retaining the core values of Simplicity & Minimalism.

I too, endorse these essential style ingredients in my own personal style & fashion formulas, taking inspiration from these All Time Classic Divas.

Let me take the humble opportunity to share some of my own style recipes.

Hope you like it!!

See you very soon.




Lucidus Spring/Summer Launch by Ridhima Bhasin

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Hello dear readers,

How is the summer season treating us all? Enjoying the cool treats, breezy beaches or the surreal mountains?

Well I am still in my town Gurgaon, waiting for a gate away. The city has been bustling with lots of fashion events, launches, etc; and I am loving being a part of them, gaining fresh & exciting insights in the world of fashion & beauty. I lately attended the Lucidus Spring/Summer ’17 launch collection by designer Ridhima Bhasin. The collection is inspired by the Moroccan culture’s iconic architecture & artwork.

The word Lucidus encapsulates feeling of light & poignancy which is reflected in each ensemble.

Ridhima designs have the most mesmerising thread embroideries, tassels & moonlight embellishments, all entwined in the gorgeous selection of colour palette from peaches to sage green, vanilla, ivory & apricots. Fabrics used in the collection are mostly Exotic nets, sheer georgette, lycra & organza. The beautiful blend of workmanship & choice of fabrics grant richness & an eclectic appeal to the collection. Another USP of the designs is the carefully manipulated fabric with bubble pleating. It purely reflects as if the Moroccan architecture has been brought on these gorgeous designs for you to wear in real.  These designs are versatile & totally suitable for the modern women who believes in contemporary fashion trends yet keeping it subtle & classy.

The Lucidus collection is a perfect blend of contemporary with conventional, mainly elucidating feminism of the modern women. Do visit the store to check out the gorgeousness.




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Hello readers,

I recently attented the magnificent India Runway Week S8, at the Tyagaraj Stadium, Delhi. The fashion extravaganza was a three day affair showcasing the most captivating & oppulent creations by talented designers.

Keeping in sync with the steadily advancing economy with ultime focus on socio-economic global integration, with the objective of self reliance & sustainable growth, the IRW S8 showcased some of the most versatile talents in the field of fashion. The 3 days buzzed with designers showcasing their Spring Summer Collection. Indian industry has witnessed a huge successful move towards ‘make in India’ & ‘homegrown’ when it comes to textiles. Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD), kept its commitment to promote Indian textile designers through the IRW 2017.

Day 1 witnessed its opening show by the Mumbai based Young & Established designer, Kern Ferns. His collection is inspired by paper craft & it geometric forms. Kern Ferns call it ‘Soda’ interpreting energy, fizz & an outburst of zest.

GESTURES by Kriti and team is an artisanal & community producers’ livelihood support initiative. The collection showcased beautifully woven patterns on Indian textiles. The underlying aim of the collection is preserving the artisinal and craft heritage of our country with environmentally sustainable fashion.

Actress Poonam Dhillon walked the ramp for start-up designer Neha Choudhary at the IRW 2017, Spring Summer. Poonam Dhillon looked evergreen & graceful while bringing to the stage the ‘Monochromatic Feminism’ to a new level. She adorned a beautiful saree with grey & black ombré look. The grace & elan with which she carried the ensemble added a new dimension to the classic  & evergreen charm a saree provides.

The glamour quotient at the runway took the mercury a few notches up when actress Gauhar Khan walked for the duo Vinita & Chetan.

Designer Mithi Kalra launched the surreal ‘Moonlight Collection’. Her collection is a spectacular sight of captivating designs in an all white ethereal look. Through her collection, Mithi not only tried to bring the pious and tranquile serenity of the cosmos to land but also revived the monochrome trend with utmost grace giving the style it’s due.

Ruchika Huriya’s Ruh Couture witnessed the most serene showcase of bright morning hues blended in the pin pricks of galaxy. A surreal collection, her Indo-West designs are to dazzle. Clean, crisp, sexy silhouettes, her collection came as a breath of fresh air. Her colour selection is a range of pastels inspired by the sun, a bold yet subtle couture inspired from the formidable woman of today.

IRW continued to inspire everyone on the 3rd day of the fashion extravaganza. Clotho showcased the unputdownable collection with a pastel palette inspired by nature. The textiles used are transcluscent with structured & falling silhouettes.  The collection kept wearibility of the pieces to the forefront. Every piece had a carefully crafted & designed focal point, be it the hand embroidery, necklines or the beautifully crafted hemlines. Practical collection for the modern woman.

Ritambara Paliya specialises in evening gowns, anarkalis, maxi dresses, lehengas & wedding outfits. Her collection is rooted in quintessentially Indian values but with a modern twist. Shamita Shetty walked the ramp for Ritambara Paliya. Her collection draws attention towards the rich fabrics that she used creating an effortless style yet exuding elegance. Her collection is surely elegant & elite quenching the thirst of class that every woman possess.

Kristy De Cunha concluded the grand finale with his effervescent & quirky collection. The collection is curated with edgy prints, structured patterns & vibrant colours. The collection caters to both men and women in the intelligent, quirky and geek category.

Attached pictures from the 3 uber fashionable days 👆🏻Enjoy the slide show.




The Body Shop British Rose Exfoliating Gel Scrub – Review


Hi everyone,

How are you guys doing? Today I am back once again with a review of my newly found love, TBS Bristish Rose Exfoliating Gel Scrub, from their Bristish Rose range, that has created quite a buzz in the market. The name itself ‘Bristish Rose’, gives it an eclectic feel. This product is a Gel based Exfoliating Scrub for the body.

My experience:

I have been using this Scrub for a while now, and I wonder how could I deprive myself of such a luxurious bathing experience all this while😋😍

The Body Shop Bristish Rose Scrub has a gel consistency that makes it super smooth on the skin. It is laden with heavy duty granules, which are otherwise are very gentle on the skin. I did a small experiment of not applying any body lotion after bath, to see if it makes my skin dry & stretchy, which normally happens after bath. But to my pleasant surprise, it didn’t !! To put it in other words, this gorgeous Scrub will not make your skin dry even if you didn’t top it up with a moisturizer. (Though, as a ritual I always apply a moisturiser or body lotion, after every bath. Except for the experimental days.)

The granules are not at all rough, and will help remove every iota of grime. This Scrub does a wonderful job in removing the dead skin, thus leaving the skin silky smooth. Coming on to the fragrance, it has casted a magic spell upon me, and am sure can do on anyone who uses it. It contains real rose petal extracts which are so plush and leaves an exotic aroma around and fragrance on one’s body. The fragrance lasts for about an hour but cab be topped up with a cream or EDT from the same range for a long lasting impact.

The fragrance is surely going to transport you to a garden of roses!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹


It comes in a tub packaging. Though not travel friendly but let’s not crib. Scrubs usually come in tubs, and Body Shop has the most appealing tub packaging which always succeed to entice me 😜

The tub is a gorgeous black in colour with a big rose imprint on the lid top. Looks quite exotic.


Retails for ₹1295 for 250 ml of product.


❤️ Smooth gel texture

❤ Not harsh or rough on the skin

❤ Refines into a smooth Scrub that leaves the skin super soft, supple & nourished

❤️ Granules are not scratchy

❤️ Exotic fragrance that will keep you longing for more

❤️ Packaging looks rich & luxurious


💔 Bulky packaging, not travel friendly

💔 Slightly expensive

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)

Overall, I love this product. I am surely going to re purchase it as it has made my bathing experience luxurious, skin has become smoother & softer. The tub will last you for over a month, so that way it’s not way too expensive. Surely it has a Veblen effect, that entails price & quality to be coherent. You must try this out if you are a fan of body scrubs with mesmerising fragrances. 😍🌹

Hope you liked this blog? Attaching pictures for your reference.

Keep shining

See you soon




Bodyshop Wild Argan Oil Review


Don’t we reminisce the good old therapies & hacks our nani & dadi (grand mothers) used to tell us & even implement on us,  whenever we came in their grabs? These old school practices were worth it as they were pure, unadulterated & made with utmost love, care & caution.

Today I am sharing with you a product that made me kind of nostalgic when I used it. It’s the Bodyshop Wild Argan Oil, one of the skin care products from their Argan oil skin care range.

First of all, about Argan oil in general. It’s a plant/tree oil, endemic to Morocco. The oil is extracted from the kernels (generally 2-3) inside the hard nuts of fruits of Argan tree. Since it is quite difficult to mechanise the process of extraction, it is done manually, that makes the process cold pressed. That’s a win win situation as it is not chemically treated.

Now once the kernels are extracted, they are dried before grinding them into getting oil. Roasting the kernels is not done for oil used for cosmetic uses to avoid harsh nutty fragrance, hence this oil has a rather sweet smell. Coming to the Bodyshop Argan oil, it can be used for both skin & hair care. The bottle comes with a spritzer. One, max two spritz are enough for a body part. Same goes for hair.

My experience:

I have been using this Oil for two weeks now. I love how it makes my skin soft & supple every morning, with each passing day. It’s a light weight oil, so I don’t mind using it in summers too before hitting the bed.

For my hair, I have used it just a couple of times, as I don’t really oil my hair much, but apart from leaving a sweet smell in my hair, it makes them appear glossy & smooth when applied on towel dry hair. Be cautious not to apply too much, as at the end of the day it is an oil, with an inherent trait of getting greasy if applied too much.

Pros of Bodyshop Wild Argan Oil:   

❤️Is a light textured oil, dries quickly without greasing on the skin.

❤Suitable for all skin types, quite good for dry skin

❤ Makes skin smooth, supple & gleaming.

❤ A good leave in hair oil for a smooth glossy finish. Not to be used more than a spritz.

❤ Has a sweet & mild fragrance.

❤ Less is more. Works well even when applied in small quantity.

❤ Lasts long, hence keeping the skin & hair soft & nourished.

❤ Resistant to oxidation


💔 Expensive

💔 Not pure form of Argan oil

💔 Excessive use will make skin greasy.



Comes in a plastic bottle with a spritzer. The bottle is not clumsy & the spray technique helps avoid wastage.

Price: Retails for ₹1795 for 125 ml of product.  Available at ₹1615 at eBay.

My verdict:  After all the pros & cons, I recommend this oil. A good cosmetic oil is hard to find, and if you find one, it can do wonders. Though expensive, but since it’s manually processed, which is an arduous task & done for the benefit of women working in the co-operatives, one can surely contribute to a social cause


by buying it, let alone doing good to one’s skin & hair.

Incessant use of this oil will help heal dry skin, and impart the required nourishment to both skin & hair. I still have to figure out if this oil helps control hair fall.

Hope you guys found this blog useful? Leave your comments & let me know what you think & have experienced if you using it. ☺

Till then

be beautiful



Easy Breezy Fusion Looks -Jaipur Diaries

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Hope you all are doing great & are enjoying the advent of summer season? What is the best thing you like about summers? I would love to know 🙂
March is that time of the year when school academic sessions end & our bumchums are off to spring break. For me any break from my son’s school means, I have to go & see my parents in Jaipur. Even it is for a couple of days.
I recently went to one of my favourite cities & when in Jaipur I do behave like a true Jaipurite in every sense.
Styling comes to a forefront for me & what better place than a culture rich place like Jaipur to style up in vibrant colours blended with elements of rich tradition from Rajasthan.
Created a couple of fusion looks & now I am going to share two of them with you.
In the first look I wore my fav Jaipuri black skirt & teamed it up with a fluorescent lemon yellow shirt from Lakshita.
Wore quirky & colourful Pom Pom earrings I got from Kraftedwithhappiness & carried an uber perky Jaipuri oversize bag. Finished the look by fusing it with my bling sneakers for comfort & extra edge.
Kept my makeup bright as I wanted pops of bright colours here & there to balance the not too much going on my outfit look.
Loved this look. Super comfy, edgy & yet traditionally appealing.
In the second look I focussed a lot on colours on my outfit & went all out. Wearing this beautiful flared Jaipuri skirt & teamed it up with a Jaipuri koti (jacket). A purple tank top balanced the look & colours. Kept my jewellery minimal by adding a simple chain pendant neckpiece from BlingBag. A cute little tan sling bag added westernised element to the look. Since it is about fusion. Makeup was subtle this time. Nonetheless oodles of cultural vibes oozing out in this look.

Hope you liked the looks.



Innisfree cushion foundation -Review


This is the best time of the year, here in India, when I am reviewing the new Cushion foundations by Innisfree. Summers are almost around the corner & our quest for a light weight, natural, summer centric face product begins.

I recently went to the My Style My Cushion DIY event by Innisfree. They have launched two new variants to their cushion foundations, along with some really fun & quirky cases. These cushion foundations are available in two variants: LongWear Cover Cushion & Water Fit Cushion.

The former is a mattyfying cushion foundation more suitable for oily skin, while the latter gives a dewy finish, more suitable for dry to normal skin.

I chose the Longwear Cover Cushion for myself, as my skin tends to get quite oily in summers. Let’s proceed to the pros & cons of the Longwear Cover Cushion foundation.


✔️ Gives 95% matte finish with 5% dewy glow especially on the strategic parts ie cheekbones & nose.

✔️ Gives low to medium coverage, making the foundation appear very natural & light weight on the skin.

✔️ Very good for summers as it is light weight, mattyfying formula, that stays put for long hours without melting.

✔️ Enriched with green tea water extract that helps replenish the skin & keeps it healthy.

✔️ Contains the essential Hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturallly present in human body, but with age it tends to degrade, causing skin ageing. Presence of this acid in the Innisfree cushion foundations, helps restore its content in the skin, thereby delaying the process of ageing, if used regularly, as what the company claims.

✔️ These foundations also contain very tiny natural oil particles that prevent cracking of the foundations. It also gives a smooth flawless application of the product.

✔️ The Longwear Cover Cushion foundation is easy to blend on the skin, gives a low to medium natural coverage.

✔️ Stays on for 6-8 hours on my skin in normal temperature of 25 degree celcius.

✔️ Innisfree has launched these foundations in more colours as compared to their previous version where colour choice was a disappointment. N27, N 31 & N 33 are the warm tones, good for Indian skin tone, while N13, N 21 & N23 are the cooler tones. I got myself N31. (For your reference I am NC35 in MAC)


✔️ More variety in shades is still desired looking at the varied Indian skin tones.

✔️ Does not cover dark circles, one has to use concealer to cover up the dark spots/circles. But as long and you prefer a natural looking foundation, you can well ignore this aspect. No natural finish foundation will give that kind of coverage.


These foundations come in a refill pack of 14 grams each. One can choose the colourful cute cases & get the refill assembled on the base of the case. The case has a flap inside which opens to access the cushion, while the top part of the flap is used to place the puff. The puffs are sturdy & does not absorb too much product, rather they transfer the product on the skin & enables good blending, unlike the conventional sponge applicators that are good for nothing but eating up the entire product.

The case also has a full size mirror. A very practical & travel friendly packaging.


The refill retails for ₹900 for 14 grams of product. The cases are for ₹600 each. Puff costs ₹150 while  the beauty blender costs ₹350.


I recommend the Innisfree cushion foundations. It’s a very practical, day to day, go to option.

Hope you found this blog useful.

See you all soon



Sporty kinda Summers


Hope my fiends are doing great? Writing a blog after a long time. Thanks to weather transitions, health was in a bit of confused state.

Well moving on, today I am here with a cool spring summery fashion look, after all the winter strut. I am wearing a slit dress which has this really cool sporty kind of vibe to it. It’s from Teamspirit, I got from Reliance Trends (BTW guys you must check out the new collection at Reliance Trends, what a makeover!), & I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the manequine. It is a fun comfy outfit that is just so appropriate  for practically any occasion. I teamed it with my favourite Charles & Keith platforms in silver & a black back pack from Forever new.

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Now for the twist. I styled this western look by fusing it with Indian silver accessories. Wore chunky silver danglers & a silver bangle. I love fusion looks & come summers, you have enough leverage to experiment with accessories, especially jewellery, since your are not all muffled up. Silver jewellery just trumps up the style with any outfit.

Hope you like the look?

Much love