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What’s your most essential daily routine goal(s) for your wellbeing? Exercise, eat healthy, make sure that you have 8-10 glasses of water, praying, or nag at your husband (no wonder it may be a vital spiritual goal for some 😜), etc, etc..

Well difficult to pick & choose, as there are various goals we strive to achieve in our daily lives.

Moving on.

There is one more imperative objective we all need to strive at & make it a part of our daily routine, as age & ageing is not going to wait for anyone, and that is ‘Skin Care’. When I didn’t take it seriously, I suffered. Now I am recouping the loss. So I decided to share with you my night time skin essentials, which are now sacrosanct to me, & helped me big time in damage control. Whewwww!!!

These are my night time skin essentials for you in detail:


This brand has been a holy grail for various skin related issues, especially acne prone skin. Though I don’t have any acne issues, but I still could not resist trying this range, after the immense hype it received from various beauty verticals. It’s a soap free, colourant free, alcohol free & paraben free foaming gel with pH 5.5, that helps restore the moisture in your skin. Super gentle & a great cleanser, I can dare say, this is the best face wash I have tried till date, and don’t see myself switching to any other till I get something as good as this. It does a good job in controlling the excess sebum leaving skin refreshed & less prone to breakouts.

Retails for ₹1250 for 200 ml.  Available in smaller packaging as well.




Yet another holy grail lip product!! When I saw it for the time at an Innisfree store, my obvious reaction was, “voila!!!”. As if I created history. But to be true to the fact, this lip scrub is truly a blessing in disguise. Perfect granules for the uber sensitive lip skin. One scrub and you will feel enormous difference in our lips, as this tiny package is a bomb in itself. It leaves your lips soooo supple, smooth & soft, right after the first scrub. Regular use will actually act a healer for your lips. Hope you got my point? 😊

Retails for ₹350 for 9g.




It’s a well know skin care fact, that during day time go for sun screens & face masks, while at night make retinoids & peptides your best friends. And I do just the same. Retinoids are the best bet especially once you hit 25, as they really postpone the process of ageing & skin damage, help restoring the vitals of healthy skin. Enriched with Vitamin A, it moisturises & reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines. Vitamin C&E act as anti oxidants that fight free radicals, while the Beta-Cerotene & Bioflavanoids conditions the skin. Whooooo… Quite a power potion!! Retinoids have been a part of my skin care ever since my husband first got it for me from his trip to Australia some 7 years back. Ever since, I swear by this powerful compound that is a vitamer(similar to) Vitamin A. Very effective in treating acne & psoriasis.

This time I got it from USA, Sally store.


Retail price appx. $25 for 30ml



German made brand, BOTANICS has earned a decent goodwill for itself in the skincare category. Mild, natural & effective products, it’s eye cream has developed a new bonhomie with me. Infused with the power of Gingko, also known as maidenhair tree, this plant is rich in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant, that minimises cell damage in the skin. Now that I have almost used up the tube, I could safely say, it helped minimise dryness under my eyes & I could notice my obnoxious dark circles 😩 Less obnoxious…. Dark circles are the toughest of the nuts to crack. At least for me they have been, as I have sleep issues, and I don’t sleep for more than 4 hours at a stretch. So, an eye cream had to be an inevitable skin ingredient in my life.

Retail price- $11 for 15 mL

Available at all Boots stores & Amazon.



Enriched with extra virgin olive oil, this tub of joy, as I love to call it, deeply nourishes the skin & retains it’s moisture. Why I like this cream is not just for its efficacy but it’s mild & gentle texture. It feels light on the skin without making it look like a fried pancake. It easily absorbs into the skin. In fact all Innisfree products I have tried so far have been a pleasant experience for me. The texture of this cream is light & it does not clog pores.

So if you are looking for a cream that is hydrating, yet not heavy or greasy, then the Innisfree Olive Real Power cream is a great option!

Retails for  ₹1450 for 50 ml


Last but not the least in the list of my skincare recipe is the ChapIce lip balm. There are a gazillion lip balms in the market, but this one in particular is my favourite. It’s a chap stick that has a holding texture, as in it doesn’t run all over unlike a lot of lip balms tend to. I always apply it before applying any lipstick, and thankfully, it doesn’t tamper with the texture or pigmentation of the lipsticks I put on it.

Retail price info not available.

Hope you find it informative 🙂 Thanks for staying till the end of this long long blog 😊😊

Be yourself & take care

Sapna Verma









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