Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nurturance night cream

img_0640Hello folks,

I recently got my hands on the Plum grape seed & sea buckthorn nurturance night cream. And no surprise, I started loving it in just a week’s time of using it. It is a pleasant yet powerful cream enriched with the goodness of grape seed oil & sea buckthorn oil.

Grape seed oil Nourishes the skin as it is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C,D & E. Sea buckthorn helps repair the skin as it is infused with healing properties, providing the skin with essential moisturization.

My reviews: This night cream is a non runny, non-sticky soft formula, that gets gently absorbed into the skin. It leaves my skin very soft & supple. Although I felt a bit itchy in the initial few days of applying it, but I still thought to give it a try as our skin takes time to adjust to a new product at times. After a few days my skin got used to it & now my skin needs it. Night time skin care is so crucial as it is during night that the process of healing and repairment takes place. I can feel my skin becoming soft & fresh looking.

Packaging: This cream comes in a cute glass jar with a net volume of 50ml. Be careful that the bottle doesn’t  drop & break. The opening of the jar is wide which is not very travel friendly. However, it’s a good option to keep on your dresser & you can use up the entire product without any residue behind.

Price: It retails for INR 525.

Available on Mynykaa, Amazon,

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Author: shimmernmusebysapna

Hi, I am Sapna, a freelance makeup artist, hair stylist & an ardent fashion enthusiast based out of Gurgaon, India. I am also a vlogger alias a YouTuber, if that's a correct synonym?! :) My love for everything beauty & fashion, makes me plunge into now starting my blog, after successfully launching my YouTube channel named shimmernmusebysapna. My endeavour is to enrich my readers with information about not just latest but also creative trends in beauty & fashion, with my own sense & innovative flair for the same. Hope to develop a fun & longlasting bonhomie here with you guys & take beauty & fashion to the next level!!! Stay Stylish!!

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