Bodyshop Wild Argan Oil Review


Don’t we reminisce the good old therapies & hacks our nani & dadi (grand mothers) used to tell us & even implement on us,  whenever we came in their grabs? These old school practices were worth it as they were pure, unadulterated & made with utmost love, care & caution.

Today I am sharing with you a product that made me kind of nostalgic when I used it. It’s the Bodyshop Wild Argan Oil, one of the skin care products from their Argan oil skin care range.

First of all, about Argan oil in general. It’s a plant/tree oil, endemic to Morocco. The oil is extracted from the kernels (generally 2-3) inside the hard nuts of fruits of Argan tree. Since it is quite difficult to mechanise the process of extraction, it is done manually, that makes the process cold pressed. That’s a win win situation as it is not chemically treated.

Now once the kernels are extracted, they are dried before grinding them into getting oil. Roasting the kernels is not done for oil used for cosmetic uses to avoid harsh nutty fragrance, hence this oil has a rather sweet smell. Coming to the Bodyshop Argan oil, it can be used for both skin & hair care. The bottle comes with a spritzer. One, max two spritz are enough for a body part. Same goes for hair.

My experience:

I have been using this Oil for two weeks now. I love how it makes my skin soft & supple every morning, with each passing day. It’s a light weight oil, so I don’t mind using it in summers too before hitting the bed.

For my hair, I have used it just a couple of times, as I don’t really oil my hair much, but apart from leaving a sweet smell in my hair, it makes them appear glossy & smooth when applied on towel dry hair. Be cautious not to apply too much, as at the end of the day it is an oil, with an inherent trait of getting greasy if applied too much.

Pros of Bodyshop Wild Argan Oil:   

❤️Is a light textured oil, dries quickly without greasing on the skin.

❤Suitable for all skin types, quite good for dry skin

❤ Makes skin smooth, supple & gleaming.

❤ A good leave in hair oil for a smooth glossy finish. Not to be used more than a spritz.

❤ Has a sweet & mild fragrance.

❤ Less is more. Works well even when applied in small quantity.

❤ Lasts long, hence keeping the skin & hair soft & nourished.

❤ Resistant to oxidation


💔 Expensive

💔 Not pure form of Argan oil

💔 Excessive use will make skin greasy.



Comes in a plastic bottle with a spritzer. The bottle is not clumsy & the spray technique helps avoid wastage.

Price: Retails for ₹1795 for 125 ml of product.  Available at ₹1615 at eBay.

My verdict:  After all the pros & cons, I recommend this oil. A good cosmetic oil is hard to find, and if you find one, it can do wonders. Though expensive, but since it’s manually processed, which is an arduous task & done for the benefit of women working in the co-operatives, one can surely contribute to a social cause


by buying it, let alone doing good to one’s skin & hair.

Incessant use of this oil will help heal dry skin, and impart the required nourishment to both skin & hair. I still have to figure out if this oil helps control hair fall.

Hope you guys found this blog useful? Leave your comments & let me know what you think & have experienced if you using it. ☺

Till then

be beautiful




LOreal Majirel hair colour & hair care


Today I am going to write on a topic that gains as much attention as any other important social issues/agenda a nation embarks upon….HAIR COLOUR & POST HAIR CARE. Ha ha ha . Ask all those women out there, how crucial this topic is in our lives?😀😯

I get so many questions regarding my hair colour & how I manage a healthy silky looking hair texture, despite the fact that my hair is always layered with hair colour!

To start with, My hair & hair colours share a special indefatigable bonhomie past 18 years!!! Yes I have been colouring my hair ever since I was in high school. I have tried practically all brands that Indian markets would have come across; from Garnier, to Revlon, to LOreal, to Barina, D’Cash (from Bangkok), et’ all.

I always used to colour my hair at home except for the very first time which I got done from a salon in Delhi, when hair colouring had become a newly found fad.

Ever since my experimentation with hair colouring just went on & on. A lot of people believe & apprehend that hair colouring damages hair . Well it is true but not in all cases, provided you don’t compromise on the quality of products you use (in this case it’s the hair colour, shampoo, conditioner, oil, hair masks, etc),

Currently I am wearing the LOreal Majirel 8.3. The colour is not as light as it looks, repeated shampoo fades the colour. So be aware of the fact guys that your hair colour fades with time & you either need a touch-up or select your shade consciously.

Some useful tips for coloured hair:

✔️ If your hair colour turns out to be darker than you desire, take a thorough shampoo with Ph balance. A good 20-25 minutes shampoo will lighten the hair colour & you don’t need to take highlights or re colour your hair. Bonus? No extra layer of chemicals & you still get your desired hair colour.

✔️ Oil your hair regularly as it it the most effective therapy for damage control & heathy hair.

✔️ Use a shampoo & conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair. Switching between brands has helped me garner the benefits of different brands for my hair.

✔️ Before using any hair colour, always go for a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to using the product on your hair.

✔️ Hair spa either at home or salon for atleast 5-6 months (once a month) will be beneficial in controlling the damage caused to the hair & restore hair health.

✔️ Take a root touch-up atleast once in two months. This will maintain the consistency & coherence of the hair colour.

Now for the LOreal Majirel hair colouring cream. It entails conditioning ingredients: lone’ne G & Incell. It not just colours but also strengthens, protects enabling perfect hair colour results. It also covers grey. Totally loving it ❤️

Hair colouring is not detrimental provided we don’t compromise on the quality, expertise & care.

Hope you find this blog useful?

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