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Today’s blog is special to me, as it entails a very special occasion in my life, my 10th wedding anniversary. It falls on November 2, (every year, 😜) and this time we celebrated it in the beautiful city of Udaipur, amidst me & my husband’s usual tiffs, without which no ocassion is accomplished. Ha ha ha.

On a more stylish note, on this special ocassion, the outfits had to be special too. This one in particular, is so favourite of mine. It’s a beautiful outfit that I teamed up using a cropped top & an asymmetrical skirt, both from one of my favourite Indo West store, Globaldesi. It’s a flagship brand of Anita Dongre, and its styles & silhouettes does complete justice to its name.

The top is a deep blue raw silk beauty with zip detail in the front. It being cropped, just adds so much of oomph to your look. The skirt, yet another gorgeous quirky piece, is an adorable classy looking red asymmetrical raw silk piece of fashion.

Both these pieces truly seemed to be made for each other, when I teamed  them up together. I teamed these pieces with uber colourful traditional jhola  (oversize bag) & silver stilletoes, let alone my long loose bangs 😊

The ensemble gives me such a fresh, youthful, truly a Globaldesi feel & look.

Attaching a visual for you guys.

See you soon. Stay stylish


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My night time skin essentials- A must for every skin!



skin care essentials


la roche-posay



night time skin routine

my skin essentials

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Jaipur – The quintessential city. Fashion, shopping & a lot more


Festivities are in the air, and so is shopping, fun, travelling & living life king size, in its true sense. Last weekend I travelled to The Pink City – Jaipur. I don’t hail from Jaipur, but by virtue of my father’s job, my parents  are currently putting up in this lively city, past 8 years.

Once you are in Jaipur, there is no way that you can control the reigns of temptation, be it of food, exploring the city or shopping gallore. I find shopping as my most cherished moments & Jaipur makes that even more special. So let me take you through my shopping experiences, some do’s & dont’s in Jaipur.

Bapu bazaar, Johari bazaar, WorldTrade Park, MI road, Hawa Mahal road and some malls are the available options that you can bank upon to shop from. However, Bapu bazaar & Johari bazaar including Hawa Mahal road, which is an extension to the aforementioned markets, are the most preferred shopping destinations in Jaipur.

You need to remember the following before I suggest you some specific places to shop from.

1. Do not haste while shopping in these markets

2. Do a thorough research of the markets by exploring as many shops as you can

3. Do an extensive price & quality comparisons, as they tend to be quite discriminatory.

4. Avoid taking kids as it will tantamount to opening a Pandora box for yourselves while being in these markets

5. Take out good 3-4 hours if you plan to do some serious shopping there

6. Definitely check out Johari Bazaar for exquisite jewellery, but make sure of its authenticity. So buy from renowned jewellers only.

7. Check out these shops for Jaipuri stuff:

shop no. 11&40 for Jaipuri footwear ; shop no. 41 for Jaipuri outfits including skirts, tops, dupattas, sarees, suits,et all ; shop no. 23 for more such stuff including amazing collection of bags/clutches ; shop no. 45&46 opposite Hawa Mahal for same kind of stuff in good variety.

My apologies, that I don’t remember the shop number, but close to shop no. 40&41, as in the same lane, there is a shop for amazing artefacts. You can identify it from its owner who is a Sardarji.

Moving ahead on the same lane another Sardaji owns a shop famous for upholstery & good variety of bed covers, table covers, mats, dari’s etc.

All these shops I mentioned are out of my personal experiences, as now I have settled with these ones for my shopping needs. As I mentioned,  lot of shop keepers would charge a higher price, sell sub standard quality goods, & still have the audacity to show attitude. Who cares for them anyways. Caveat emptor, I am sure you would know this. ‘Let the buyer be aware’. So don’t forget the pointers & tips I shared with you all.

Moving on from these markets, Jaipur boasts of some really cool malls, but in my humble opinion, one must visit The World Trade Park Mall. One of the most beautiful malls in India, one has to see it to believe it’s aesthetic appeal. It boasts of a lot of high end brands, many more adding as the mall is growing, a huge food court with amazing delecacies to suit all palettes & also a full fledged floor dedicated to Jaipuri stuff. This year they also added a Dubai Market inside the mall. However, you don’t really get any Arabic stuff there. It’s just the same local & Jaipuri stuff, mostly Chinese stuff I should allege. But a one time visit to the Duabi market is called for when you are in Workd Trade Park (popularly known as WTP). WTP is a place to be visited again & again.

Let me also share some bit of news for food lovers. Jaipuri chaat is delectable especially the golgappas made of daal. Sahu ki chai (Sahu tea) in Bapu bazaar cannot be missed. This time we tried a rooftop pub named Replay(Tonk road, Ridhi Tower) . A nice cozy place with decent food. There are many more food places both luxurious as well as for the masses in Jaipur to try out. May be I will share those in detail in another post of mine.

Hope  you guys found this post interesting & informative?? Don’t forget to check out my Jaipur Haul video on my channel, ‘shimmernmusebysapna’,  to see the stuff come alive.

Happy festivities



Style Simplicity & Minimalism

This is the post excerpt.

Hi folks,

Chic & Cuts

I am Sapna,  now the ‘Tentative Sapna’, to be rightly called, as I am tentative about what to write, this being my very first post on my blog!? I will talk about beauty, fashion, trends, creativity, and a lot more relevant & sometimes even irrelevant

Crisp & On the go work look
Crisp & On the go work look
Stay calm, and wear yellow shorts.
Vintage Vogue
Tresses off the shoulder

stuff, with no intentions of bemusing you but to just connect & relate with you.

Let me kickstart with one of my most favourite style mantra, ‘Simplicity’. I totally endorse Simplicity & Minimalism as the essence to Style & being stylish. From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe to Diana Ross to my favourite Bollywood style icon, Madhubala, each of these iconic ladies, epitomised class, elegance & e’lan, yet retaining the core values of Simplicity & Minimalism.

I too, endorse these essential style ingredients in my own personal style & fashion formulas, taking inspiration from these All Time Classic Divas.

Let me take the humble opportunity to share some of my own style recipes.

Hope you like it!!

See you very soon.