Style Simplicity & Minimalism

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Hi folks,

Chic & Cuts

I am Sapna,  now the ‘Tentative Sapna’, to be rightly called, as I am tentative about what to write, this being my very first post on my blog!? I will talk about beauty, fashion, trends, creativity, and a lot more relevant & sometimes even irrelevant

Crisp & On the go work look
Crisp & On the go work look
Stay calm, and wear yellow shorts.
Vintage Vogue
Tresses off the shoulder

stuff, with no intentions of bemusing you but to just connect & relate with you.

Let me kickstart with one of my most favourite style mantra, ‘Simplicity’. I totally endorse Simplicity & Minimalism as the essence to Style & being stylish. From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe to Diana Ross to my favourite Bollywood style icon, Madhubala, each of these iconic ladies, epitomised class, elegance & e’lan, yet retaining the core values of Simplicity & Minimalism.

I too, endorse these essential style ingredients in my own personal style & fashion formulas, taking inspiration from these All Time Classic Divas.

Let me take the humble opportunity to share some of my own style recipes.

Hope you like it!!

See you very soon.




Author: shimmernmusebysapna

Hi, I am Sapna, a freelance makeup artist, hair stylist & an ardent fashion enthusiast based out of Gurgaon, India. I am also a vlogger alias a YouTuber, if that's a correct synonym?! :) My love for everything beauty & fashion, makes me plunge into now starting my blog, after successfully launching my YouTube channel named shimmernmusebysapna. My endeavour is to enrich my readers with information about not just latest but also creative trends in beauty & fashion, with my own sense & innovative flair for the same. Hope to develop a fun & longlasting bonhomie here with you guys & take beauty & fashion to the next level!!! Stay Stylish!!

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